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Q1: “I am searching for some constructive advice on how to better manage Nightmare Disorder. I am a 37 year old woman who has suffered from this disorder since early childhood. I have been trying to get a grip on this condition since my mid teens, but I am running out of things to try. Any suggestions you think may help me would be much appreciated.”

A1:    The answer to this question is located on “Nighmares Part II: Treament” post.

Q2:  A recent survey by Westin Hotels & Resorts found that 51% of US travelers would rather have a good night’s sleep than great sex. Is it true?

A2: About 12,500 travelers in a dozen countries havebeen asked a question: “Which is more important to you, a perfect night’s sleep, or great sex?” Canadian travelers were the only regional group that picked sex over sleep by 52%. What keeps us from getting a good nights sleep?? Drug abuse’s 60%, Pay bills 58%, Spouse or Bed Partner 25%.

 Q3:  What is the difference between dreaming, daydreaming, and meditating? In this powerful article, we explore the differences but at the same time, consider the similarities, and discuss how we can use this knowledge to our advantage in our every day.

 A3: Dreams happen when we sleep and they are a series of images, emotions, pictures and ideas; the conscious part of our minds does not control them. Our dreams occur particularly during REM sleep, and since Sigmund Freud used the scientific interpretation of dreams to analyze the subconscious mind of his patients, the scientific world has continued to try to answer the questions of why we dream and what they mean. Read more… 


Last update: Oct 5, 2009