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Sleep Diary

13. July 2009


TWO WEEK SLEEP DIARY INSTRUCTIONS                                     1 Write the date, day of the week, and type of day: Work, School, Day Off, or Vacation                             […]

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Medication Log

22. June 2009

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About Your Medications * Keep a list of all medications and supplements you take. * Tell your primary care physician (family doctor), behavioral healthcare professional, sleep doctor, and/or pharmacist about all the medicines you take including any over-the-counter medicines, as well as any drug allergies that you may have. * Ask your pharmacist about side effects and […]

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Bed Partner Questionnaire

21. June 2009


Before Visiting Sleep Doctor  It is recommended to ask your bed partner to accompany you to the appointment. Another person who lives with you or visits frequently may finish the questionnaire, if you don’t have a regular bed partner.   * Make sure he or she completes the Bed Partner Questionnaire for you and brings […]

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Ask the Doctor

20. June 2009


Qualifying the Healthcare Provider Are you licensed medical doctor? Do you have any professional accreditation from your Association?  If you are in the search for a sleep specialist or sleep center, it is important to ask about their medical status as health care providers. It is quite common that not all licensed sleep specialists practice […]

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19. June 2009


Sleep dysfunction, prior to be identified as sleep disorder, can manifest in several ways, ranging from insomnia to somnolence, and from disrupted sleep to sleep deprivation. Measuring sleep dysfunction is ongoing research; and there is a number of patient-reported outcome methods and procedures that measure various aspects of sleep dysfunction. Before going to sleep practitioner […]

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